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How to manage and search hashtags


Step by step guide about using SneekPeek App to search and manage hashtags.

How to search and manage your hashtags using SneekPeek App

One of the most repetitive tasks when posting on Instagram is repeating the same hashtags over and over again. Having a way to search and group hashtags makes your Instagram posting an enjoyable experience

How can I use this feature?

There are two ways to use this feature:

  • When managing your hashtag groups
  • When planning your posts

Search and Manage your hashtag groups

1. Open the SneekPeek App, and click the 'App Actions' Button


2. Click 'Hashtag Groups'

You will see the list of the Hashtag Groups you have created.

App ActionsHashtag Groups

3. Click 'Create new group'

You will see a screen where you can insert the Hashtag Group Name and the Hashtags.

Create GroupCreate Group

3. Click 'Find Hashtags'

After searching, select the hashtags you would like to add to this group. You have the option to add all searched hashtags to the group.

Find HashtagsSelected hashtags

After adding all the hashtags in your group, press Save.

Manage your hashtags when Planning

1. Open the SneekPeek App, and click a post you want to plan

App ActionsPost options

2. Click 'Plan Post'

When planning your post, you can directly add all the hashtags of a group to the post caption by clicking the hashtag group, under 'Hashtag groups'.

Plan postTap Group

You can manage your Hashtag Groups by clicking the # icon.

3. Click 'Find hashtags'

You can search hashtags directly when planning. After searching, you can select the hashtags you want to add to your caption.



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