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Instagram Auto Publish


The most requested feature is finally here!

SneekPeek has officially been approved by Facebook, to offer our amazing users automatic publishing to their platforms.

Available for Android (Being reviewed on iOS from Apple, should be a matter of days).

Plase update the SneekPeek up to the latest version to access the Auto Post feature.

Who is eligible for Instagram Auto Publishing?

Instagram Auto Publishing is eligible for all SneekPeek Accounts that are set up as Instagram Business Accounts. For the moment, Instagram does not support Auto Publish for Creator or Personal Accounts.

Click here to learn more.

What type of formats are eligible for Auto Publish?

Both photos and videos are supported for Instagram Auto Publish. The photos and videos should follow these guildelines:


File types: JPEG only

File size: Images must be less than 8MB in size

Shape: Must be cropped correctly for Instagram (Square, 4:5, 1.91:1)


File types: MOV or MP4

File size: Videos can’t be larger than 100MB in size

Length: 60 seconds maximum, 3 seconds minimum

Shape: Must be cropped: 4:5 or 16:9

Auto Publishing limits

Instagram has a limit of 25 Auto Publishes per 24h period.

Is the API reliable?

We are officially approved by Facebook to offer Auto Publishing. This means that we use the Official API that Facebook provides, which is 100% secure. We don't store any passwords or other sensitive credentials.

Can I tag people?

Absolutely! (Scroll down to see how)

How do I know the post was successfully auto published?

We will send you a mobile notification if the post was published successfully. If the auto publish fails for some reason, we will retry to post it several times. If that is not successful too, then we will send you a mobile notification that informs you that your auto post failed and the reason why.

How do i Auto Publish using the SneekPeek app ?

1. Open the SneekPeek App, and click a post you want to Auto Publish, click Plan Post


2. Enable the scheduling switch, you should be able to see the Auto Post switch

Plan Post

3. Tag some people

Tag peopleTag poeple typing

Note You must enter the full username, Instagram does not allow autocomplete for users. Also, if the user is private or does not exist, the Auto Post will fail.

5. Hit save

Plan with tags

We will send you a push notification when the post is successfully posted. In case of errors, you will be notified too.


1. Image dimensions are not correct

Wrong ratio

In this case, click crop, and then crop the image as ilustrated below:


You should be good to go after cropping.

1. Auto Publish permissions not granted

No Permissions

In order for us to be able to Auto Post, we need the 'Upload Media' Permission. To grand this permission, you will heve to reconnect your Business Instagram Account. After clicking the 'Continue with Facebook' button, grant the 'Upload media and create posts for the Instagram account connected to your Page' permission, as ilustrated below:

Grant Permissions

After granting this permission, you should be able to Auto Post.

Please contact us at or in Instagram for any question or suggestion.


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