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Instagram Business Account vs Personal Account


Learn the differences between using a Business Instagram Account and a Personal Instagram Account when using SneekPeek App.

Instagram Business Account vs Personal Account when using SneekPeek app

When using SneekPeek app, you have to choose to connect an Instagram Business Account or Instagram Personal account.

In this article we are going to explain the differences between the two of them.

What is an Instagram Business Account?

At the time of writing this article, there are three type of Instagram Accounts:

  1. Personal Account
  2. Creator Account
  3. Business Account

By default, when creating an Instagram Account, it will be created as a Personal Account. Business accounts enable you to access more features that can help you grow the Business presence online.

What is the difference when using them in SneekPeek App?

SneekPeek uses the Official Instaram Graph Api, thus when connecting a Business Instagram Account in SneekPeek App, you will be able to use a wide variety of premium features:

1. Auto Publishing

SchedulingCurrently, the Instagram Api allows auto-publishing for posts that have only one photo or video.

2. Personalized Analytics

The Personalized Analytics include stats like:

  • Followers
  • Reach
  • Interactions
  • Best Times To Post
  • Top Hashtags
  • Top Posts
  • Post Insights
Analytics Analytics

3. Competitor Analytics

The Competitor Analytics include stats like:

  • Best Times To Post
  • Top Hashtags
  • Top Media

4. Best Times To Post Suggestions


SneekPeek app will suggest you what is the best time to post based on the day you choose to schedule. Also you can access your best time for each day.

What about Personal Instagram Accounts?

Due to the limitations of the Instagram API, personal accounts can't access the features mentioned above.

You can still plan your feed, drag-and-drop, schedule, manage your hashtag groups and much more.

How can i link my Instagram Account as Business Account?

You can link your Instagram Account as Business, by following these steps:

  1. Click the App actions
  2. Click Link with business account
Connect with FacebookOr:
  1. Click Analytics/Competitor analytics
  2. Click Continue with Facebook.
Connect with Facebook

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